About us
Global Famous Group 
GFG is a company functioning in different field such as Logistic, Construction, Transportation and shipping established in 2011 in Kabul Afghanistan.  Meanwhile registered with different governmental and non-governmental organizations. GFG has an excellent background and successfully completed various types of contracts in different fields such as construction of roads, infrastructures and renovation, Maintenance and mainly hold a fixed agreement contract with KBR NATO since 2012 for different type of materials such as Building materials IT Equipment, Electronics, Furniture’s Vehicles, Machinery, Janitorial and Cleaning items.

The company has vast experience of implementing huge contracts in Logistic that is funded by national and international organization such as US Army Camp Eggars and Comp Morhead, Turkish Army Comp Doghan, ISAF KBR- HKIA, KAF, HIA, MEZ, USAID and UN.

GFG consistently focus on quality of goods and services, Timely delivery, best competitive price, products arrangement through global coverage, reliability and flexibility with contractors. These practices proved us to our customers and differentiate us from our competitors. 

We have implemented more than 100 Minor and major contracts in all above mentioned fields through our experienced and professional working team. With our offices in USA, Europe and Middle East we are able to provide any type of products from all over the world by sea and air.  
We are proud to claim that we have guaranteed client satisfaction level at highest rate since we were established.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be leading as an international company with the highest standard that ethically delivers exceptional values for our customers, employees, community and our stakeholders.